Christopher Succeeds At Brightmont Academy’s Chandler Campus

As a full­-time twelfth grader at Brightmont Academy, Christopher Brown is finally hitting his stride academically and coming out of his shell. The solution in his junior year to attend the private school, Brightmont Academy, for one-­to­-one instruction is helping him complete credits needed to graduate high school on time.

Brightmont Academy specializes in providing one­-to-­one instruction for students and has three campuses throughout the region in Deer Valley, Scottsdale and Chandler.

Chris was struggling and felt overwhelmed in a larger class setting. He was learning and retaining information at a much faster rate than his peers in essence slowing him down and boring him. A smaller class setting with a teacher focused entirely on his success and providing instruction at his pace has proven to be exactly what he needed. This undivided attention of one teacher with one student is what sets Brightmont’s learning environment apart from the rest.

“Chris has shown great progress in his academic endeavors and seems to be truly enjoying the one-­to­-one approach,” said Chandler Campus Director Veronica Griffin. “The confidence that Chris now exudes has helped him overcome his challenges and work double time towards graduation.”

Chris’ mother chose Brightmont Academy because she felt Chris needed direct interaction with a teacher that could help him to enjoy and appreciate learning again.

“My son is an extraordinary young man with the wisdom and intelligence of someone far beyond his years. Chris is genuine with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor, I am continuously blown away that this is a person that I am blessed to parent. I’ve learned how to be a better person and parent because of his influence. He has so many wonderful attributes to offer this world and I am excited to see what his future holds,” said Chris’ mother, Cheryl.

Chris is a twelfth grade student at Brightmont Academy – Chandler campus.



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