Christian Talks Football and The Jones Gordon School

Christian is a very good-­natured young man. With his quiet strength, he is a natural leader among his peers. Teachers describe him as a future entrepreneur who spends time thinking of new inventions to create.

Even though Christian has a gentle nature, he loves to play tackle football and plays on a local team. In school, his favorite subject is science; he loves space and astronomy. He aspires to be a professional football player, but if that doesn’t happen he is interested in “making something,” such as cars.

Q. I understand you play football, tell us more about that.

A. I play cornerback for the Phoenix Storm.

Q. Cornerback? What’s that?

A. The cornerback covers the receiver. I also play running back, slot, and safety. My favorite position is slot because it is like a receiver; you get to catch the ball and run. I like football because I get to tackle people. I try to hit harder than I would get hit.

Q. What advice do you have for someone interested in sports?

A. Start at an early age and work hard. Find a goal to help you succeed. My goal is to get a scholarship to college.

Q. When something is hard for you, what do you do about it?

A. Take on the challenge. Ask for help.

Q. What do you like best about JGS?

A. It’s a family. I like science, especially astronomy. I like thinking that there’s other planets and places where no one has ever been to. I’m interested by the universe, that is goes on and on.

Christian is an eighth grader at The Jones Gordon School.



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