Christ Church Schools’ Athan Parks, Enjoys Giving Back to his Community

Q. You like to give back to charity, tell us about that?

A. I like giving money to charity because it saves dogs and people who are homeless. I sometimes give to the church. When I get allowance or money from my grandma and grandpa I have a bucket for charity in my room and I put part of the money in there.

Q. What is your favorite charity to give back to?

A. The humane society is my favorite because it saves a bunch of dogs and cats. I once donated $21 to the humane society and I got to play with dogs and I saw myself on TV. I got a note a few weeks later, which said thank you for the $21.

Q. You are quite the artist tell us about that? What type of art is your favorite? What is your favorite piece?

A. My favorite piece is a piece I did when I was six, it is of a tree with circles. I like it because it is nice and reminds me of my friends from my old school. I painted it when I was at a birthday party when I went that school. All the girls painted hearts but I did circles instead.

Q. Tell us about the paintings you and your mom do together?

A. We do splatter paints outside with my brother too. Mom does the background and we paint the rest. I did a tree with a beehive once. My mom has the first one we ever did at her office, but I hardly remember that one. My next one will be a surprise!

Q. Tell us about your newfound love for archery?

A. I like archery because it is fun and helps to develop your aiming. I can really use help aiming. Dad says it will be good for the zombie apocalypse (laughing).

Q. When you are not enjoying art and giving back, what do you like to do for fun?

A. I like to do Legos. I like to build Legos because you can build whole cities and they are cool to display. It is also fun to build them and play with them.

Athan is a third grader at Christ Church School.



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