Christ Church School Student, Maksim, Talks his Love of Sports and Species

Maksim is a very adventurous boy. He is very athletic and interested in all kinds of sports. He finished a cumulative marathon this year and won a go-kart race as well! What makes him a great boy is that he is very compassionate and appreciates nature and all living things. He loves to search for insects and loves to take care of them

Q. You are very athletic! What sports do you play?

A. I play flag football and Taekwondo. I was also in a running club this year and ran a cumulative marathon.

Q. What is your favorite to play?

A. Football because I love to play tag…it’s so much fun!

Q. You finished a marathon recently tell us more about that?

A. It was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids ROCK Marathon in Tempe. I think I finished third or fourth in my age group. I love to run fast!

Q. You also won a go-cart race what was that like?

A. It was amazing! I want to be a racecar driver someday. I’m excited that I’m finally tall enough to race go-carts!

Q. You have a love for all living things tell us more about that?

A. I like to search for insects and then make little temporary houses for them and take care of them. Then I let them go wherever I found them.

Q. I hear you have pet snakes, what is that like?

A. We’ve had three wild king snakes. We don’t keep them very long. I like to let animals live in their natural habitat. But it’s fun to make them a temporary house and feed them.

Q. What is your favorite animal? Why?

A. Snakes because they are surprisingly fast. I especially like king snakes because they can eat rattlesnakes that are poisonous.

Q. If you could be any animal for one day what animal would you be?

A. I would love to be a tiger because they are super fast runners!

Maksim is a first grader at Christ Church School.

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