Chase Succeeds at The Jones-Gordon School

Chase loves to read and write, but most of all, he shows a genuine interest in his school subjects and in his growth as a student and citizen. His teachers describe him as a joy to have in the classroom, “excited to learn and understand, not just memorize facts and terms.” He is not only a diligent and creative writer, he exudes positivity, drawing in his peers and elevating the classroom atmosphere. His warmth and acceptance of others touches the entire school community.

This impressive young man demonstrates genuine interest in listening to others. His polite and gentle demeanor puts those around him at ease. The school Assistant Director stated, “If I could have 100 students like Chase, I would!”

Q. What would you like readers to know about you?

A. This is my third year here at Jones-Gordon school and I really enjoy it. This school has renewed my faith in schools. I came here when the school was known as On-Track Academy. I had a terrible experience at my past school; my health was not at its peak and I was not in the best spot in my life. Coming here renewed my faith.

Q. What about the school renewed your faith?

A. The attitudes of the teachers and their willingness to help. It also helps that they are brilliant. I also benefit from the tailored classes and curriculum.

Q. Where do you see yourself after high school?

A. I want to go to a university and, long-term, go to law school. I want to be an attorney so I can advocate for special needs children. I’ve been there. It is difficult when you have needs and a school doesn’t provide resources. I want to advocate for others and make a difference.

Chase is currently a sophomore at The Jones-Gordon School



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