Charlie Succeeds at Brightmont Academy and Prepares for College

Charlie started studying at Brightmont Academy in August 2014 when his parents recognized their son may benefit from a different school environment with one-to-one instruction. He needed support for reading and staying focused, which were extra challenges brought on by his diagnosed autism. The one-to-one instruction with kind and patient teachers at Brightmont Academy helped Charlie transform in the academic setting.

Charlie has markedly improved in his academics, gained self-confidence, and has found an enthusiasm for learning while attending Brightmont Academy. Since enrolling at Brightmont, Charlie has improved two to three grade levels. His excitement to learn has increased every year and he has matured tremendously. Charlie is happy to have achieved a sense of well-being and repaired his sense of self through his learning and positive experiences at Brightmont Academy. This is evident through his love and ability to forgive others. Campus Director Dr. Jude Valgento says, “Charlie does not let his disabilities get in the way of his happiness.”

Balancing academics and a passion for tennis has been possible for Charlie, who takes core classes at Brightmont Academy and then takes electives at Bourgade Catholic High School, while competing on Bourgade’s tennis team. He has much flexibility in his schedule to stay on track with academics and train for tennis. Brightmont has proven to be a great fit for him.

Charlie’s options have improved tremendously as a result of his improved academics achieved at Brightmont. He is involved in making critical decisions about his future, and plans to attend a college transition program next year while continuing to pursue his love for tennis. This program will concentrate on independent living skills and pragmatic application of academic concepts (life and work skills). Charlie has set a goal of attending community college, and is excited about his life and the options he now has.

Charlie is 19 and attends Brightmont Academy, Deer Valley Campus.



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