Charlene Talks Music, Cello, and Acting

Charlene is a very energetic seven year old who started her passion for playing the cello when she was four. Her love of music also led her to learn how to play the drums, which she started last year. Her natural likings for singing, dancing, and acting made her a regular participant at Desert Stages Theater in Scottsdale, and have landed minor roles in musical plays, namely Cinderella, and Elf the musical Jr.

Q. You play the cello tell us more about that?

A. I started playing the cello when I was four years old. Playing the cello is fun, and I love the tone that it makes, and the kind of music that I can play with it. 

Q. What is your favorite song to play?

A. I love to play classical music like Allegretto and Adantino because they are nice musical pieces, and they show different variations in techniques that I have learned.

Q. Was it hard to learn how to play?

A. Learning how to play was difficult in the beginning because I had to learn the right posture, bowing, and handling. It took some time for me to develop the fine dexterity movement in my fingers, and I still have a lot of techniques to learn to become a good cellist.

Q. You play other instruments as well tell us more about that?

A. I love to play the drums because I get to perform pop and country music with my sisters who play piano, guitar, and violin.

Q. You have been in some plays at Desert Stages Theatre, what plays have you been in?

A. At Desert Stages Theater, I played minor roles in musical plays, namely, Cinderella and Elf the musical Jr.

Charlene is a first grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle.

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