Chance Tells us What West-MEC is All About

Tell our readers what a typical day is like for you? You go to school as a basic senior and then you do what? A typical day for me after high school is pretty much whatever I want to do until West-MEC. The fact that the West-MEC Medium Heavy Diesel Technology program is worth six credits has given me the last two hours of high school off and awarded me a lot of time to myself to enjoy my hobbies before West-MEC starts. Then when you reach West-MEC it is necessary to understand it is a very serious learning environment and the students are very focused on receiving the best possible training. However, I must say it is the most fun I have all day.

What has the West-MEC program taught you?  How much hands-on experience do you achieve through the West-MEC program? The West-MEC program is one of the most beneficial choices I have made in my life. Before the Medium Heavy Diesel Technology program I was not able to explore and understand the workings of my very own vehicle, let alone others. However, within the first couple of months of the program I found myself becoming very aware of the way all vehicles work. Immediately after the safety course is finished you begin a long series of lessons that lasts the entire length of the program. Each lesson is a different system in the vehicle. During the first year of the program their is a lot of book work, however, throughout each lesson their are many days of scheduled hands-on time to really get in and see what you read about. I have never been more sure in my life about my future thanks to West-MEC. It has taught me more than just how to work on trucks. It has taught me how to be confident with what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Do you get to do many programs through West-MEC or do you chose one and stick with it the whole time? West-MEC has a wide variety of choices in programs however one program must be chosen. The whole point of West-MEC is to give young adults the opportunity to learn a skill that they can mold into a career. I would not advise taking two courses even if you could because one course will require the student’s full attention. And I stress full attention heavily. It is not something to be taken lightly because if you are not paying attention for two minutes the whole lesson can be ruined, and that would be a waste of education.

Are you doing this program to get hired right out of high school? Or do you have college plans? I am making the most of West-MEC and I’m extremely confident with my future. However, everybody’s situation is different and whether or not a person chooses to go to college after West-MEC makes no difference. West-MEC is a quality education to receive even if you plan to go to college. In my case, West-MEC opened up a whole world of possibilities and I would like to pursue them.

When you are not at school, what do you enjoy doing? When I’m not at school I suppose you could say I’m just an average teenager. I enjoy dirt biking and camping, it helps me get away from the city life that I’ve grown accustomed to. I also enjoy video games and television just like every other teenage boy in existence. One of my most recent hobbies is working on the vehicles go my friends and family, just for fun. I enjoy tearing apart a car with a friend and putting it back together just to see how it works and if I can make it any better. This particular hobby was brought on by West-MEC. It gave me the ability to see a setup on a car I’ve never seen before, and still understand how things fit together.




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