CCS First Grader ROKSY Talks About Her Favorite Things

Roksana “Roksy” is an incredibly empathic young lady. She is very keenly aware of others’ feelings and always reaches out with one of her enormous hugs. She is very genuine and always finds something amazing to say to make others feel special. She loves her little brother Maksym and German Shepherd puppy, Suka. Roksy helps to do obedience training for Suka in Ukrainian, Roksy’s first language. Roksy is a fantastic swimmer and placed in second place in backstroke with kids 2-3 years older than her. She loves to ride her bicycle and always wears a helmet. Roksy is currently in ballroom dancing and loves the cha-cha. Roksy is an excellent reader; her favorite books are the Magic Treehouse series. Roksy loves snow skiing; every year we take a family trip to Denver and Roksy excels at the blue runs. She is very motivated, incredibly articulate, and sweet. She has a beautiful smile and loves baking cookies and cakes for our first responders. Roksy loves all animals and even had a pet mealworm that she saved from a fishing hook.

Q. What do you enjoy learning at Christ Church School?

A. Social studies and math because I learn how to do something new every day.

Q. Do you have a favorite Magic Treehouse book?

A. Civil War on Saturday, I haven’t read it yet, it just looks interesting. My first one was Mummies in the Morning, my second one was Evacuation Under the Volcano. The volcano one might be the most interesting because I like to learn about volcanos.

Q. What sport do you love most?

A. Volleyball, because I like the moves where you get to run and bounce.

Q. What is your favorite thing to bake for first responders? Do they have a favorite treat?

A. Chocolate cookies! That’s what they like. One year we made the Paradise Valley Police chocolate cake with coffee – I bet they enjoyed that!

Q. What’s the best part about having a little brother?

A. I have someone to play with, and I also love him.

Roksy Quan is a first grader at Christ Church School.

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