CCS and CCA Partner for Outreach to Haiti!

Christ Church School (CCS) students and families spent the month of October donating clothing, accessories, and toys to help the children at the Zanmi Beni orphanage in Cange, Haiti.  This area of Haiti was devastated in the earthquake of January, 2010; and many children were left without families. 


Zanmi Beni, meaning “blessed friend” in Creole,  is home to more than fifty children, many of whom have physical and emotional needs.  These children are provided with a permanent home, nutritional and medical necessities, and ongoing emotional, educational, and psychosocial support so they can flourish and grow to have safe and happy lives. 


The CCS collection for Zanmi Beni included church clothes, casual clothes, age-appropriate toys and even suitcases to transport the items to Haiti.  This outpouring of thoughtful kindness brought tears to many eyes when the donations received a blessing from Christ Church of the Ascension (CCA) priest Beth Blunt during an all-school chapel on Thursday, October 30. 


The donations will travel to Haiti in March with a team of ambassadors from CCA.  This is the second year in a row the church and school have worked together to make a difference in the lives of the children of Zanmi Beni.


Please visit to learn more about how you can help the children at Zanmi Beni!




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