Carlos is part of NJHS, Plays Flag Football and Basketball, and Maintains a 3.8 GPA


Carlos Ramirez attends St. John Vianney. He is part of NJHS, plays flag football and basketball, and maintains a 3.8 GPA. He is a frequent recipient of student of the month, honor roll and principal list. He loves to read, help other students and be involved in all school activities. He is an Altar server and is involved in taekwondo. Carlos is known to others to be a very honest and noble person, always there his classmates and teachers. Most importantly, he loves his family and his is a role model for his little sister.

Q. Is it difficult to maintain such a high GPA while being involved in your extra-curricular activities?

A. The sports have been making things a little harder with the homework, but otherwise I have been doing fine, I can easily understand and learn new subjects along the way and this will make things easier once I transfer to High School. My classes are very fun thanks to my teachers, Mr. Costello helps making learning fun with activities and he is a great motivator and an even greater coach. Mr. O’Connor is the type of teacher who you can ask any random question and he has got an answer, he has been very energetic in what he does. Sister Mary Gertrude helps us improve our writing styles including dress ups, I will be glad she will be teaching in St. John Paul II high school which is the place I want to go.

Q. Can you tell us about your duties as an Altar server?

A. I have been altar serving for four years now, and it has been wonderful serving the Lord and being able to help in some way. The best part of it has to be knowing you are doing beyond a great thing.

Q. What do you hope to teach your younger sister?

A. I hope to teach her to have an open heart, she cares so much for animals and I hope she can help them in many ways. She wishes to be a farmer and I hope I can guide her on that journey. Also, I am teaching her how to read clearly to prepare to give speeches, since I love to read I am helping my little sister with this.

Q. What is your favorite book?

A. My favorite book has got to be the Harry Potter series due to how powerful emotions, conflict, and perspectives it has, the most emotional book had to be The Half Blood Prince due to how much conflict Harry is going through.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. What I like to do for fun is going out to play basketball at the park. It is always relaxing just hearing the ball go through the hoop. I am also in the basketball team and our season is starting great,(1-2). Also I like watching classic movies, especially Star Wars since I am a huge fan of the movies.

Q. What impact has St. John Vianney had on you?

A. SJV has had the huge impact. The school transformed me to the person I am. It also impacted my faith, helping me to grow closer to god. My class has also impacted me, each day they each make me laugh, some days cheering me up, I will always consider them my family.



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