Can a Sixth Grader Fly? Saint Theresa Catholic School Science Fair Winners Found Out the Answer!

Saint Theresa held their second annual Science Fair on Thursday, March 14, 2014.  Fifth and Sixth graders competed in the fair.  They were asked to use the scientific method to find an answer to a question they were curious about!  First place winners for sixth grade, Chloe Reeg and Ali Tichavsky, wondered if an average sixth grader could fly.  They used weather balloons, a Barbie, and a Barbie chair to figure out the answer.   Chloe and Ali found that one weather balloon could carry the Barbie and a Barbie chair.  After looking on the internet that an average sixth grader weighs 95 lbs, they used their math skills to figure out the proportion of an average sixth grader’s weight to the Barbie’s weight.  They found out that YES, a sixth grader CAN fly!!!  However, it will take 202 weather balloons to carry an average sixth grader sitting in a chair.

Alex Zorn and Spencer Abraham came in second place with a pencil lead and circuitry demonstration.  Paige Pearson came in third with Bubble-ology, the different mixtures of bubbles and their staying power.  Next year’s science fair will focus on inventions at the school’s first Invention Convention!


Photo: Ali Tichavsky (Left) and Chloe Reeg (Right) display their science project




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