Cameron Quizzes Teachers on Classic Rock

The Jones­-Gordon School mission is “Cultivating Strengths; Transforming Lives.” Fourth grader Cameron exemplifies this motto perfectly! He has truly blossomed at JGS. Curious and energetic, Cameron questions how things work, and uses his imagination to make his own creations. He loves putting together technical science experiments, is a helpful teacher­-assistant in class, and is always willing to step up to the board when called upon!

Cameron appreciates classic rock, sharing the music of Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, and Queen with his teachers. He has a jukebox at home and loves to quiz his teachers about their knowledge of the songs it plays. He is also a car aficionado and admires the luxury of sports cars.

Cameron is always on-­the-­go, monitoring his movements with his fitness tracker and taking an interest in all things sports. He is athletic and loves playing dodge ball, especially when he gets to team up against a teacher!

The most important thing to know about Cameron is that he has a huge heart and cares about others and all the animals at The Jones­-Gordon School in Scottsdale.

Q. What do you like best about JGS?

A. My teachers. They are so nice. I like hanging out with Ms. Michaela. She lets me listen to music on her laptop.

Q. I understand you have many interests. Can you name a few and tell me what you like about them?

A. I like Led Zeppelin. I like the guitar riffs. I also like sports. I like to play catch with my grandpa because it makes me more active. It’s my special time with papa.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Maybe a guitarist. The strings on my guitar have snapped, but I am trying to fix it up so I can play again. Maybe a policeman. My uncle is in the military so maybe I will be in the military, too.

Cameron is a fourth grader at The Jones-­Gordon School.



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