Camelback Desert Schools Awesome Summer Camp

Looking for a great place to take your kids next summer…Camelback Desert School has the place for you. Here is what some of the campers had to say:

How many years have you been attending Camelback Desert School summer camp? What is one reason why you return every year?

“Six years and I love it!  I like the basketball, swimming, and chess.” – Austin Horowitz, 8

“Three years.  The activities are great and all of the counselors are nice.” –Max Greenspan, 8

“I went to camp for five years when I was younger. Now I am a volunteer counselor. I think it is great to give back to where I came from.  This is my community and it has been a great experience to pick up where I left off.” –Beth El Nager, 17

Tell me about some new friends you met this summer.

 “One of my friends is Megan.  We take pictures together in photography and we run around and play tag on the playground. Camp is a fun place to meet a lot of friends.” –Grace Tweet, 8

“This is my first year.  At first I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t make new friends but now I’m friends with everyone and it’s so cool.” –Nathan Sommers, 8

“Rachel has been very nice to me at camp this year. She’s my best friend at camp.” –Brook Hertzberg, 7

What’s your favorite class and why?

“Glee Club.  We do lots of plays and dancing.  We’re doing the Wizard of OZ this week and I’m Dorothy!” –Sofia Simonini, 9

“Sports and Indoor Gym.  Coach JJ lets us play football, capture the flag, soccer, and basketball.  He’s always fair and is a good coach.” –Brendon Luke, 6

“ Swimming. It’s perfect if you have swimming right after sports because you get to cool down.” –Tyler Skowronek, 8



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