Camelback Desert School Welcomes Alexah

Alexah is new to Camelback this year but seems to fit right in. She wants to know everything she can and is excited to learn. Everyday after school she does her homework in the car on the way home. She never gives up on a problem that she is working on. Welcome Alexah!

How do you like your new school?

I really like my teacher, she’s really nice and she shows me how to do things that are hard but she makes it easier for me to understand. I have made some nice friends and my favorite subject is math now. I used to not like math at all. My favorite friends are Zeva and Alexandra but I like all the kids in class.

Are things very different than your old school? How?

The teachers take more time to get to know me. I also love coach JJ. He’s really funny and I used to not like PE and now I love it. My mom signed me up for the after school sports because I want to learn new sports with coach JJ. I like that all the girls in the class are my new friends. They are nice.

What things do you enjoy doing when you aren’t in school?

I enjoy being with my family and playing with my brother, Luke. He makes me laugh a lot. We play Mindcraft and jump on our trampoline. I take videos of him on his skateboard jumping on the trampoline. My family does everything together. We are just getting to know Arizona and the hiking is fun. I like to swim and play with my dolls. I also spend a lot of time on my computer researching things. I spend a lot of time playing in my new room. I love my new house. I can’t wait to swim in our pool!

Tell us about your family.

My family is really nice. My mom and dad spend a lot of time with my brother and me. We always are looking for fun things to do. We go on bike rides and I can’t wait for my grandma to live next to us. A lot of my family, like my cousins, still live in California. We will see them all in the summer. I love my family so much

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

I want to work with animals. I really love animals. I have two guinea pigs at home and I am going to get a dog soon. They make me really happy.

Alexah is a second grader at Camelback Desert School.

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