Cailin, James Madison Prep Senior, Dedicated Volleyball Player

Cailin is an outstanding senior who is taking the varsity volleyball team to new heights this year with her talent and leadership. Cailin has been on the honor roll throughout her high school career, and has been playing volleyball for James Madison Prep School since she arrived in ninth grade. Cailin is an energetic and enthusiastic senior and leads in a variety of ways. She has become the senior in charge of campus chores, and has been finding new ways to make chores more eco-friendly. Everyone is excited to see her leadership skills grow this year, and especially excited to see her lead the volleyball team to perhaps a first ever championship.

Q. Can you tell us about both of your volleyball teams?
A. Club volleyball is a large commitment. Hours of practice a week, and all day tournaments almost every weekend. After traveling to several states for tournaments, and spending seven months on a team together you get very close to your teammates and form special bonds like none other. Most of my life is dedicated to Club Volleyball. Leading up to Club season is high school season. Fortunately I am close to my teammates since they are also my class mates and close friends already. Sadly, school season is only three months long so a lot of work has to be packed into a short amount of time. Although there is the constant pressure to play well and win for the school and fans, it is worth it to be able to play with my friends.

Q. Whats your favorite travel spot?
A. The summer before sophomore year I was able to spend eight weeks in Spain visiting family and close friends of mine. I stayed in Pamplona, Spain during San Fermin and watched the running of the bulls. Spent time in Zaruatz, Spain going to fiestas and listening to local musicians. The scenery is gorgeous especially in the mountains and along the coast. Being Spanish myself, seeing the culture my dad grew up in and being fully immersed in it was very special to me. I am planning to go back to Spain summer of 2020 right before I go off to college.

Q. Where is somewhere you want to go that you’ve never been?
A. I have always wanted to go Athens, Greece. Being able to see the architecture of the buildings along with the scenery of the coast would be incredible to see in person. Ive always been intrigued by greek culture. I would love to see the Porch of Maidens and see the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean coast

Q. What do you love most about Arizona?
A. I really love hiking out in the Superstition Mountains or up north in Sedona to watch the sunset. The colors of the sun set in Arizona are spectacular. Every day there are new shades of colors in the sky.

Q. Do you have plans after JMPS?
A. My plans are to go away for college. Currently my top two schools are Western Washington University and Western Michigan University. Once in college I hope to get my four year degree in biology or chemistry. From there I will go into Physicians Assistant graduate school where I will train and get my degree there. Then, finally I will move on to pursue my dream career as a Physicians Assistant. I do hope to continue to play volleyball. Either for the schools team or just in club for fun.

Q. What do you hope to pass on to your younger siblings?
A. I hope my siblings understand the value of being passionate for something that they love and enjoy. Volleyball has been a constant part of my life that I am quite passionate about. Getting a good education is something I strive and am passionate for. Without those passions, I might not be where I am today. Being passionate for something and having your whole heart into it is very important and I hope every single one of my siblings finds something that they are passionate for.

Q. How has JMPS prepared you for the future?
A. With the academically rigorous classes I have taken, I spend a lot of time studying and balancing my classes. JMPS has prepared me for the real world where things don’t get handed to you. You have to work hard, as well as balancing other tasks that you also have to get done. I have learned how to prioritize tasks and divide my time up efficiently. I am currently juggling college applications as well as completing home work I still have to do for my classes. I am able to do this and maintain the stress because JMPS has prepared me to do so.

Up until now my life has pretty much been decided for me. I’ve moved eight times because my dads’ job said we had to. I went to JMPS because my parents wanted me to go there. But now, for the first time, I have to decide where my life will go. I have no clue where I will be one year from today, but that’s something I need to figure out. I get to choose where i’ll go or what i’ll do. Senior year is stressful, a lot is expected of you. But on the other hand I am excited for the future to come.



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