Bryan Olas, First Runner Up in State Science Competition: ‘You Be the Chemist Foundation’

How did you feel when you competing in the “You be the Chemist Competition?” I felt extremely nervous before the competition itself. When answering the questions, I only had time to think of the best answer to fit the questions.  After keying my answer in, the moments before the correct answer was shown was complete torcher. When I got a correct answer, it felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders.
Did you get scared competing in front of a crowd? While the crowd may pose as a fear for others, I pictured it as everyone there cheering for me, even if they secretly wanted me to loose.
What was the question that won you the 1st runner up title? . The last question asked at the competition gave me my title. The question was asking which part of the Safety symbol was missing. The correct answer was the yellow reactivity symbol, I answered Health.
What did this in mean for you? This competition meant, study the packet in and out, try to explain every little thing that I know, and stay up late watching Asapscience on youtube.
Will you be competing again next year? Unfortunately for me, I will not be competing in this competition next year,  the competition is grades 5-8 and I will be in 9th grade next year.
What was your favorite part of this whole experience?My favorite part of this whole thing would have to be the education part of it. The fact that I can say I competed in a chemistry competition, and how my older sister now asks me for help in science. She may be in Biology but I do my best to explain stuff to her.



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