Brightmont Lifts You Up

Before coming to Brightmont Academy, high school was not positive for Sami. She was being bullied by her peers and was constantly being judged and teased. She did not like school and her grades were poor, but she endured it for two years. Finally, at the end of her sophomore year, Sami had enough. She thought about switching to another public high school, thought about moving to a private school, but the one school that stood out to her when she walked in the door was Brightmont.

Brightmont Academy welcomed Sami with just what she needed. At Brightmont, “they want to know what they can do for you,” she said. Brightmont provided her the safe environment where she could learn without the distractions of snide comments from peers. With the support of her teachers, Sami gained self-confidence to turn her school experience around. “They made me feel like I can do anything,” she stated. There were times when Sami would have a rough day, but ” I would walk into Brightmont for class, and the teachers would help me realize, that it was all going to be ok.” Sami’s attitude became more positive and her grades soared.

“They make it easy to get school done,” she stated, and “they make learning fun.” Brightmont is “tailored to student’s strengths and weaknesses.” Sami said. Whether you need a faster pace or a slow speed, Brightmont is a “great fit for kids,” she continued. The teachers were able to adjust to Sami’s quick speed of learning and give her all of the support she needed. Sami was so focused, she was able to finish her entire junior and senior year in the same school year. Looking forward to college, Sami knows Brightmont gave her the skills to be prepared and organized for her future. No matter how Sami was feeling each day, she knew it was going to be a learning adventure when she walked into Brightmont, and her teachers would be there to lift her up to do her best.



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