Brightmont Academy Lets You Be You

When I first came to Brightmont, I judged it by its cover. I thought I would have to change to fit it, but I did not. I could be me,” said current ninth grade Brightmont student, Brad. “It was easy to fit in,” Brad continued. Despite his initial worries, Brad found a warm, welcoming environment at Brightmont that allowed him to be himself, and that changed everything for him.

At his previous school, Brad had a difficult time keeping up with the pace of his classes. Brad was dealing with ADHD and in a large classroom, Brad’s grades suffered, as well as his attitude. Brightmont gives Brad the one-to-one attention he needs and allows him to learn at his own speed. Brightmont provides him the structure to become the student he strives to be, while preserving the same wonderful kid he already is. Because of the reduced distractions in the classroom, Brad’s grades have improved dramatically, and his parents could not be more thrilled.

Through the flexible Brightmont approach, we are able to relate subject matter to his life,” says Dr. Judith Zenna-Valgento, campus director. Like Brad, his teacher enjoys video games, and this shared interest has forged a connection allowing Brad to relate to the subject matter and the person teaching it. This significant learning approach has proved successful for Brad, and many others like him. At Brightmont, students and teachers “walk together through learning,” according to Dr. Zenna-Valgento. It is a formula that continues to allow kids to be themselves, and grow as successful students.

Because of Brightmont, Brad has found comfort and understanding at school. He is happy and looking forward to attending college after high school. We know his Brightmont education and his teachers will help him get there!



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