Brightmont Academy Chandler Success Story – Nyah

Nyah has always been a visual learner and a very artistic student. She responds best to illustrations and visual diagrams, and throughout elementary school, many of her teachers seemed to understand this about her and worked with her to support her needs. But when Nyah transitioned to middle school, that all seemed to change.

Her teachers didn’t have the time or the ability to individualize Nyah’s learning experience. She began to fall behind in class and was having a difficult time with both school and other students. “When Nyah told me she didn’t want to go to school because her teachers were not supportive and she felt other students were making fun of her, that’s when I realized that we needed to make a change,” said Nyah’s mother, Rhonda.

Rhonda discovered Brightmont Academy the spring of Nyah’s sixth grade year. She was drawn to the one-­to-­one instruction and thought it would be a great fit for Nyah’s learning needs.

Today, Nyah has been attending Brightmont Academy for almost three years. When she began, she had to catch up on many of her course credits, but with the one­-to­-one instruction, she was able to move quickly through the material. In fact, she began progressing so rapidly that she covered all of her eighth and ninth grade coursework in one year. Now she is a sophomore, and her goal is to complete all of her high school curriculum and graduate by the spring of 2017.

“Nyah has exceeded our expectations and is now accelerating in her studies and completing her courses much faster than we expected,” said Chandler Brightmont Academy Campus Director Veronica Griffin. “She is surprising everyone with how much she is learning and how much she is growing. She is truly thriving with the one-­to-­one approach.”

Nyah attends Brightmont Academy every afternoon, and according to her mother, she finally feels that she is learning and she is more confident than ever.

Nyah is a sophomore at Brightmont Academy Chandler.



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