Brielle Talks Taekwondo and Her Love For Fostering Kittens

Brielle is a first grader at Christ Church School, a participant in Tae Kwon do, cheerleading, and expert Lego builder. She loves cats and helped her mother foster seven kittens, who would have otherwise been strays. She has a love for escape rooms and mathematics. Above all, Brielle shows a passion for her family and God. She was a great help to all when her grandfather suffered a stroke, and enjoys the company of her family.

Q. Do you have a favorite Lego project?

A. I made a haunted house. I made a trap where the characters could fall and a ghost would be there!

Q. What is your favorite book?

A. Laugh Out Loud: Jokes For Kids. It has a lot of silly jokes and makes everyone laugh!

Q. What do you love about escape rooms?

A. I love how everything is hidden. I love solving mysteries. Some rooms are scary, some rooms are cool, but they’re all fun.

Q. Helping your mom foster a litter of kittens sounds like a very special experience! What were your responsibilities?

A. Give them water and milky through a tiny baby bottle. It was the size of a finger! Playing with them and keeping them warm.

Q. Can you tell us about Taekwondo and cheerleading?

A. I will be a green stripe in Taekwondo this year. My favorite move is the jump kick. I’ve learned too many cheers! I love practicing cheers with my classmates.

Brielle Rodriguez is a first grader at Christ Church School.

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