Brian Bice Graduates On Time Through Online Summer School

When you find something you’re truly passionate about, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Especially when that “anything else” is something you’re not fond of. Like, say, a math class.

For Brian Bice, a recent graduate of Primavera Online High School, that passion is hiking and fishing.

If he ever encounters free time, there’s not too much guessing where Brian will be. You’ll find him at the lake, hiking the Superstition Mountains, Camelback Mountains or exploring new trails.

His favorite thing about fishing is the serenity that accompanies it, as Brian said.

I’ve been fishing for at least 10 years. I just love the peacefulness of it just sitting down and relaxing, taking a break from school,” said Brian.

One thing Brian wasn’t so passionate about: math.

When Brian started freshman year at a traditional high school, he felt like he was missing the individual help he needed. Math was a tough subject for him, and getting help in a classroom of 30+ students wasn’t always easy for him. 

He ended up needing to retake math over the summer. That’s when Brian decided to try Primavera.

My grades improved from going to regular school,” said Brian. “I got the one-on-one attention I needed and I’m getting enough credits to graduate on time with my friends.”

Being an online student means there is not a set school schedule. For Brian, he felt that allowed him to focus on schoolwork, and then have time for other activities he enjoys. “Because I’m going to an online school, I’m able to do stuff that I wouldn’t a regular school,” said Brian. “I can go hiking and fishing, I can get my applicator’s license for pest control, I have time for that now.”

In addition to hiking and fishing when he gets the chance, Brian is also working toward an applicator’s license to start working in pest control.

Brian hopes to work with his dad and one day help run the pest control business.



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