Brea Austerlade, 2nd Grader at Camelback Desert School Cooks with Chef Whitney

What is your favorite part of the Cooking Club?

I love all of the different ingredients and tasting the food. I like that Chef Whitney makes food that I can eat because I am gluten and nut free.

What is the most delicious thing that you have ever made?

There are many but the most delicious was probably the brownies and the pumpkin cookies with frosting.

Do you have an all time favorite food?

My favorites are my grandpa’s steak, my dad’s fried rice, mint and vanilla ice cream and gluten free donuts.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An artist and a dancer who works at a hospital to help people. I also want to be a mom who cooks good food for my kids.

What is your favorite thing about Camelback Desert School?

I love the teachers because they are all so nice and caring. I love learning math, reading and science. They make learning fun with lots of projects.



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