Brayden Talks Soccer at Arizona Sports Complex

Q: You play soccer at Arizona Sports Complex (ASC) tell us about that?

A: I have been playing at ASC for six years. I started playing when I was three years old and I am now nine, almost 10. I haven’t and won’t ever quit soccer. I love it! I’ve played all positions, but I mainly play forward now, which is my favorite position.

Q: What do you enjoy most about soccer?

A: I love scoring goals. The games are exciting for me because it’s like we are playing for the World Cup. During practices I love learning new drills and footwork that I can use in my next game. I love running around and kicking the ball during practices and my teammates are awesome!

Q: Do you wish to play soccer throughout your adult life?

A: Yes. I’m focused to become the best soccer player in the whole entire world, even better than Pelè and David Beckham.

Q: Tell us about one of the coaches at ASC? What makes him/her a great coach?

A: Sal is a great coach because he means business, which makes me a better soccer player. He makes it so much fun and keeps me wanting to learn more. He teaches us teamwork. Sal has been my coach mainly throughout the last six years. He’s so cool!

Q: You are also involved in Student Government and the Rubrics Cube club at school. Tell us about those?

A: This is my first year in Student Government. I help out the school by going to the classrooms to make sure the school is wearing school colors on Spirit Day Fridays. They have to be wearing purple and green. I then go to the office and let them know which classrooms won! Rubicks Cube club, this is my second year in the club. I like that I’ve solved the cube six times so far. We get to watch videos to learn about solving the cube and the teacher would have races to solve the cube.

Q: Any special plans you have for this summer?

A: Yes! Going to see my aunt, uncle and cousins in Michigan for the Fourth of July. They live about 20 minutes from Canada, so we get to go there too! It’ll be my first time flying on an airplane.

Q: If you had one special human power what would it be? What good things would you do with this power?

A: Super Speed because then I can score a lot of goals and I will save people if they are in trouble.


Brayden is in the fourth grade at Sierra Verde STEM Academy.



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