Brandon and Nicole Talk STEM at Imagine West Gilbert

Imagine West Gilbert’s mission is to build 21st century skills through creativity, collaboration, and innovation to develop globally successful leaders through positive character development and a rigorous STEM education. Students at Imagine use hands-­on, real world learning to investigate, explore, create and build.

Brandon B. ­

Q. Why do you feel that STEM is important?

A. STEM is important because if someone wants to be an engineer, technician, or scientist it will help them. It will boost them and it will help them know what to do. They will be smarter.

Q. What is your favorite thing about STEM?

A. My favorite thing about STEM is engineering. I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I am aiming to be an engineer to make lots of money and have a happy family.

Nicole H. ­

Q. You have been at Imagine for many years. How is STEM different than the ways you have learned in the years past?

A. We are collaborating which is when you are talking and explaining to another person your ideas and you get to build and do fun activities instead of sitting and learning with papers. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in one. Everyone needs to learn this way ­ the whole world is STEM.

Q. What kind of STEM projects have you done this year?

A. We did a project where we saved a gummy worm named Fred whose boat capsized. His oars were paperclips and the challenge was to use the oars to get him to safety. We also learned what germs do to bread by touching the surface of the bread to see what would happen to the bread.

Brandon and Nicole are third graders at Imagine West Gilbert.



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