Bethany Christian Schools’ Abby Talks Volleyball

Q. You are a volleyball player at Bethany Christian School (BCS) do you play elsewhere and how did that start?
Yes, I used to play a ton of different sports like basketball and soccer, but I decided to try out a volleyball team at the YMCA and realized how much I loved it. It just clicked. Besides BCS, I play for a club volleyball team and I love it.

Q. Have you won any awards or trophies?
We have won a lot of games in both leagues, but BCS came in 2nd place in our tournament last year!

Q. I heard you are amazing at encouraging others, both on and off the court. Tell me a little about that.
I try to tell others that they can shake it off if they don’t do well on something. I get my encouragement from my mom!

Q. Tell me about BCS. How would you describe it to your outside friends?
It’s small but it’s a good community of people. Everyone knows everyone, and they are all really nice. All of the teachers are great and really dependable.

Q. What is the coolest thing about BCS?
Even though we don’t have a lot of money, we make it work. It’s cool to see how God uses our small budget to make a big impact.

Abby is a seventh grader at Bethany Christian School.



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