Bethany Christian School Student Talks About His Transition to a New School

Q. I understand you moved here from Canada, what is the biggest difference between your school there and your school here in Arizona?

A. The biggest difference is, in Canada, I didn’t go to a Christian School, and I just went to a private school, so the bible is new to me. I would have read a Children’s Bible, but not a real actual bible. It’s different, but I really like it.

Q. This is your first year at Bethany Christian School, what has helped you make the transition into Middle School easier?

A. I would say it has been really easy making friends here. Everyone is very nice and helpful. The teachers are also really nice. Whenever I have a question, they always make time for me.

Q. I know you’re on the Bethany Bobcat Basketball team this year – what kinds of activities do you to outside of school?

A. I used to play on a basketball team in Tempe called Sky Force. We won the season undefeated and the championship too. The season is over now, so I’m glad I can play on the Bethany team.

Q. What is the most important thing you want others to know about BCS?

A. Bethany Christian School is really nice. Your kids will make nice friends here. I play with most of the kids in all the grades, elementary and middle school. The older kids really like sports, which is nice, because I do too. Everyone is just really nice, you should bring your kids here.

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