Bethany Christian School Siblings Love Their School


Q. What do they like most about being at Bethany?

Allison: My favorite part about school is seeing my friends. I also like it when my mom helps in my art class.

Mason: My favorite part about school is my teachers. They’re really nice.

We both love the end of the school year field trip to the pool! 

Q. How has Bethany influenced you when you are at home with family and friends?

A. We love our music class, and it’s fun when we get to hear the same worship songs on the radio as we do in school. We also like that we learn Bible verses in class, and can share them from memory with our grandma and grandpa.

Q. What do you look forward to most next year at Bethany?

A. We can’t wait to be in fourth grade next year! The field trips that they take in fourth grade are so much fun. When our sister was in fourth grade at Bethany, she went to Butterfly Wonderland and to Feed My Starving Children. 

Allison and Mason Chance are in the fourth grade at Bethany Christian School.



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