Bethany Christian Eighth Graders Visit Grand Canyon University

Q. Recently the BCS eighth grade class was invited to visit Grand Canyon University (GCU). Can you tell me about your visit? What kinds of things did they talk about; did you take a tour, etc?

A. At the beginning of our trip, they spoke to us about what to do in High School to have the best College experience possible. The speech was very informative and really made think about my future; to do well in academics as well on ACT/SAT Tests so I can get scholarships, which would reduce the overall tuition.

They did provide a very thorough tour of the campus and highlighted the different restaurants, sporting venues and classroom locations. They also showed a furnished dorm to show us what college living on campus would look like. The dorm room was very comfortable and homelike.

Q. What was the biggest take away from the visit – what did it make you most aware that you need to focus on in high school?

A. To have good study habits and to be focused on my academics starting from day one. Also, to be involved in sports, drama, student council and other extracurricular activities.

Q. How do you feel BCS has prepared you for high school?

A. I feel that BCS has prepared me Spiritually and Academically. BCS has also taught me through a Christian World View which strengthened my relationship with God and will help me throughout High School.

Lauren Blue is an eighth Grader at Bethany Christian School.



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