Bethany Christian Eighth Grader Bentley Talks Student Council


Bentley is very active in every part of the school from student council, to having many lead roles performing arts, to playing soccer starting her fourth grade year. Bentley has a magnetic and energetic personality that everyone who encounters her loves. Bentley ranks high on an academic level and is very excited to be implementing the study skills she has developed at Bethany as she transitions on to Valley Christian high school next year.

Q. How has being part of student council at Bethany prepared you for high school?
A. I have been a member of student council all of middle school. This year I am the publicist of student council. I get to make the flyers for events and run special events that student council puts on, but my favorite part is being able to do the student council announcements over the intercom. I feel it has helped me become more prepared for high school because it has made me open up more to people. I think having the responsibility of being part of student council and still doing sports, performing arts and maintaining high grades has allowed me to push myself and get ready for high school.

Q.What is your favorite class at Bethany and why?
A. My favorite class at Bethany is bible. I love being able to talk to my peers openly about God. I enjoying taking things I am learning home and sharing them with my parents and brother.

Q. You have made the honor roll and principal’s list here at Bethany a few times. Tell us how that make you feel.
A. Actually I have made it every time! (she says with a BIG smile) It has been a huge accomplishment for me and I take pride in knowing that I have been able to do that. Bethany and my parents have helped me in being able to accomplish and maintain such high grades by teaching me good study habits.

Bentley Yanke is an eighth grader at Bethany Christian School.



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