Avondale Area Students Featured in Culver’s National Coloring Contest and Calendar

There are talented artists in your midst, and their ages might surprise you. The children entered Culver’s national coloring contest and were selected to have their artwork showcased in the 2019 Culver’s calendar!

The following featured children are from the Avondale area:
• Gabriella Baca, age 8 from Goodyear, AZ
• Jordyn Clark, age 7 from Avondale, AZ
• Dylan Smith, age 3 from Avondale, AZ

The calendar contest is part of Culver’s Thank You Farmers Project, which recognizes the importance of agriculture and supporting those who feed our growing population through education efforts that encourage smart farming—the advancements we need to produce a greater amount of food using the same resources that we have today. To date, the Thank You Farmers Project has donated nearly $2 million to agricultural organizations like FFA.

The 2019 Thank You Farmers Project Calendar is available at participating Culver’s.

Dylan Smith – Age 4

Dylan’s a happy kid who enjoys superheroes, tennis and playing games with his family. He loves to color and play with his dog, Chloe.

Q. What was your favorite part about the coloring contest? 
A. Coloring the truck.

Q. What makes Hulk your favorite Super Hero? 
A. He can smash things!

Q. Can you tell us about your dog?
A. Her name is Chloe and she likes to lick me. She gets feisty when she wants to play!

Q. Can you tell us about your favorite game? 
A. Shark Bite – You have to try to get a fish out of the shark’s mouth without letting it get you!

Gabriella Baca – 3rd Grade

When she’s not making people smile, she’s playing volleyball and enjoying science experiments in Science Club. Gabriella is beyond thrilled that her Culver’s coloring contest entry is being featured in the 2019 calendar. Culver’s is her absolute favorite place to eat.

Q. What is your favorite item at Culvers?
A. The flavor of the day when it is mint chip, if not then chocolate custard with crunch on top.

Q. What is your favorite subject in school?
A. My favorite subject in school is science.

Q. Tell us about your picture for the calendar.
A. I picked the colors because I wanted to do it the right way- I like to do things properly.

Jordyn Clark – 2nd Grade

Jordyn is in second grade and she loves to read. She loves to play with her three cousins and two best friends. She plays school and wants to be a teacher when she is older. She loves to play dress up and play with her lol dolls and slime.

Q. What kinds of pictures do you normally like to color?
A. I like to color pictures of my family and animals.

Q. What would you like to do when you grow up?
A. I want to be a third grade art teacher.

Q. Can you tell me about your family? What kinds of things do you like to do most with them?
A. I like to play games with my cousins. My family is really nice and funny. They are proud of me and show me lots of love.



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