Ava, The State Winner of The NFL’s Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Ava not only was the state winner in her age group for the NFL’s Punt Pass and Kick (PPK) competition her score also placed her in the top four in the nation! Because of placing in the top four, she won an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando, FL to attend the NFL Pro-Bowl game and a day a Disney World.

Q. You just won the NFL’s Punt, Pass, Kick Competition tell us about the experience?

A. It was a great experience, my whole family was able to be there and watch me and the other finalists. I got my highest score so far in competition, so it was definitely the best time to perform at my best!

Q. What does winning entail? What are the qualifications of a win?

A. All of the finalists for the state competition got a trophy football indicating which place they earned in the final. Also, we all got Cardinal PPK jerseys and were given tickets to the Cardinals’ vs. Redskins game the next day. At the game we got to go down to the field before kickoff and stand in the end zone for the National Anthem. Also our names were announced and they showed us on the jumbo screen.

The winners were decided by the distance they could punt, pass, and kick the football. You only get one chance for each of those events, and they record the distance the ball travels and add your scores together for your final score.

Q. Where you nervous during the competition?

A. No, I wasn’t nervous. I actually did not have as much time to put into practicing for this event as I have done in the previous years. I think this helped me to relax and just be happy with getting to the finals, so my nerves didn’t affect me.

Q. How did you feel when you heard you won?

A. I was super excited to win the state level, because it was my highest score ever and I knew I had done my very best. It took several weeks after the state competition to know how my score would place in the national results. Several other states did not do their competitions until three weeks after ours. The waiting for that was a little nerve racking, because my score seemed to place me in the top, but there were other scores to be reported.

Q. You placed top four in the Nation….how cool! What does this get you?

A. For placing in the Top four, I won an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando to attend the Pro-Bowl, go to Disney World, and compete with the other top finalists in one last competition.

Q. You get to go to Florida! What are some of the things you will do when you are there?

A. The PPK organization has arranged most of the events planned for the weekend. But I am most excited to go to Disney World, hopefully see some NFL stars at the Pro-Bowl, and of course, compete with the other girls in my age group.

Ava is a sixth grader at Saint Thomas Aquinas Grade School.



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