Ava Shines on Stage and Off Stage She Gives Back to Her Community

Ava Chaffee is an eighth- grade honor student at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic school. She loves to write and in her spare time she is working on writing her own play and book. Ava serves as a Student Ambassador at Saint Thomas the Apostle School and is also a member of The National Charity League. She frequently volunteers at St. Vincent De Paul Dream Center, Home Fur Good, and Cass Vista Colina – a shelter for homeless families to get back on their feet. She has also volunteered for the Young Reporter program, where she was asked to be a special guest soloist and help host on KNFX1100 AM.

Ava has a special talent for singing, acting, and dancing. She has taken lessons with Kelly James at Scottsdale’s Broadway Advantage Studio for over four years, and has also spent time in New York at the Broadway Artist Alliance, performing at the Peter J. Sharp Theater.

Ava’s love for musical theatre has led to her many parts in the local community theaters. Her most recent plays being Madagascar with Valley Youth Theater and Herberger Theater, Annie Jr. at Greasepaint and Annie Jr. at Desert Stages, Cinderella at Desert Stages, and Pinkalicious at Valley Youth Theater. Last year she was nominated for a NYA award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Annie Jr. as Lily Saint Regis at Greasepaint. She is currently rehearsing for a lead role at Desert Stages to play Patrice in 13 which opens soon, running from Feb 24-March 25.

Ava loves spending time with her family, friends and little dog Lulu. She is humble, faith-filled, and talented, with a heart of gold. She looks forward to graduating in May and moving on to Xavier College Prep.

Q. Can you tell us about your current role you’re preparing for at Desert Stages Theatre?
A. I am preparing to be in ‘13’ the musical, as the part of Patrice. This is a coming of age musical about finding friends and starting to grow up. Patrice is an “unpopular” girl that lives in Appleton, Indiana. Her life is flipped upside down when a boy named Evan Goldman moves there from New York City.

Q. What has prompted your interest in volunteer work? What do you enjoy most about giving your time?
A. Even when I was really little my parents and teachers talked about different organizations such as Saint Vincent De Paul or Saint Mary’s Food Bank. I grew up wanting to help others. The feeling of knowing that you have helped someone in need whether it is with homework at the dream center or just helping someone get a meal on their plate is always a rewarding feeling. I am now a part of an organization called National Charity League where I am President of my class of 2022. We get to volunteer for different organizations and help people in need. We also get to build trust and relationships within our class.

Q. You just had your first recording studio session, how was the experience?
A. My first recording studio session was an amazing experience. I got a feel for how the people on the radio work and how they produce music. It was completely different than what I was expecting. I can hardly wait to do it again.

Q. What does it mean to be a Student Ambassador at St. Thomas?
A. To be a Student Ambassador at St Thomas means that you make everyone feel welcome by representing the school and giving back to the community. We just did a Candy Drive for the Troops for Christmas. The Student Ambassadors also just had an open house for some of the new preschool parents. Being a Student Ambassador has been amazing for me because I truly feel as though I am helping my community by welcoming and giving to others.

Ava Chaffee is an eighth grader at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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