Autumn Falling: Family Activities During the Fall Season

As temperatures and leaves begin to fall, this is a favorite time of year for many people. The change in weather is often a welcomed one, after a season of high temperatures. There is a surge in outdoor activity right before the days fall shorter. People generally want to spend these months of Fall–prior to the colder, darker season of Winter–in the crisp Autumn air; tending to lawns, going for walks, and enjoying outdoor sporting events. Other family oriented highlights of Fall are:

Autumn Harvests and Fall Festivals
Bazaars and Craft Shows
Hayrides, Pumpkin Patches and Farm Visits
Halloween (for those who celebrate it)
Outdoor Charitable Events

Autumn Harvests and Fall Festivals

Carnival rides, music, games, crafts, and festival foods are not the only things Autumn Harvests and Fall Festivals have to offer. These events often include educational and informational exhibits, as well as support for local businesses, from which the entire family can benefit.

Nature and wildlife exhibits are often displayed during these events, showing family members the importance of conservation, among other things. Additionally, these festivals often include significant information regarding health care awareness, particularly pertaining to influenza, breast cancer, kidney disease and diabetes. Health screenings are also offered during some of these festivals.

Local businesses are also showcased during these functions. Many festivals include prizes, drawings and/or auctions, consisting of donated items or services. The benefits of donating or auctioning products or services are three fold:

The winners obtain a free or discounted item or service, such as a family meal from a local restaurant.
Festivalgoers are exposed to businesses, products, and services that would benefit them; that they may not have known about previously.
Businesses get additional widespread exposure.

Bazaars and Craft Shows

Bazaars and Craft Shows are basically scaled down versions of Autumn Harvests and Fall Festivals. However, the availability of crafts, and other merchandise, is highly emphasized. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the products offered for purchase during Fall bazaars and craft shows tend to make original and creative gift giving items. Additionally, products from vendors, which normally have to be special ordered, are available for immediate purchase during these events.

Hayrides, Pumpkin Patches and Farm Visits

This is the time of year when the agricultural community tends to open their land and welcome the public. This provides a family friendly service to the local community and generates some additional income and exposure for local farmers. Due to the seasonal nature of hayrides and pumpkin patch visits, these activities tend to be quite enjoyable. Also local produce and other agricultural items are typically available for purchase.


While there are many families who do not participate in anything relating to Halloween, it is still a fun filled family holiday for many. The weeks leading up to Halloween are often more exciting than the day itself.

Taking the family for an evening stroll or drive, to view festively decorated homes, can be very entertaining. Homes, in and around your own neighborhood, range from cutely decorated to all out spooky. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the level of spookiness in mind when young children are present.

Speaking of spookiness, local organized “haunts” such as haunted houses, train rides, and hayrides tend to be big hits among communities. These also range from cute and friendly, to creepy and scary. Again, it is wise to keep in mind the audience, particularly the children, when choosing to visit an organized “haunted” venue.

With a little bit of research, one can find an abundance of local folklore pertaining to their surrounding community. It can make for fun family entertainment to recount local historic tales that can be related to Halloween, such as rumors of hauntings, and other strange phenomena. And with a little imagination, one can ad their own “twists” to increase intrigue and excitement!

For those who participate in taking younger children trick-or-treating, it is always beneficial to check with your city for the most recent laws pertaining to the activity. Additionally, checking the weather forecast, at least a week before Halloween, will help families to better plan costumes and activities, for the day many children anticipate. For those accompanying children, or who are too old for trick-or treat… reverse trick- or- treating can be very rewarding and beneficial. Reverse trick-or-treating is giving something, such as carnations, business/organizational cards, pens, magnets, etc., coupons or gift certificates, to those who hand out candy.

Outdoor Charitable Events

Just like Autumn Harvests and Fall Festivals, outdoor charity events and fundraisers are also in abundance during the Fall. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November being the month for AIDS and Diabetes Awareness, there are many organized walks, runs, and marathons in which to participate. Not only do families get to raise money and awareness for good causes, they also get to exercise, as a family, in the process.

While the other seasons have their own uniqueness, Autumn, with it’s position among the seasons, tends to be particularly unique and moving; with so much to offer to the entire family.

Source by Anita Oden



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