Annie Talks About Her Love of Horses

If you visit the Jones-Gordon School in Scottsdale, you will find caring teachers, a whole lot of animals, and a charming 5th grader named, Annie. Annie should be considered a part of the school welcoming committee! She greets new individuals on campus with genuine enthusiasm and makes everyone feel at ease right away. Her smile is contagious, and her friendly personality brightens even the darkest of days.


Annie has many interests. She loves to ride horses and takes lessons after school. She enjoys different types of athletics, from running to gymnastics. She also loves to take the role of teacher in class, letting others learn from her.


Q. I understand you love horses. Tell me more about that.

A. I ride at a place called Hunkapi. I ride with a bareback saddle until I earn my saddle. To do that, I need to learn safety and horse care. I also have to read a book and pass a test before I can earn my saddle. My favorite horse to ride is Zippy. He’s tall with brown spots and goes very fast! I also liked a horse named, Ava. She was a nice horse.


Q. What else do you like to do?

A. I like gymnastics; I do cartwheels and handstands. I like to play at home, going around my house doing cartwheels over and over. I like to count as I do them. My friend Addyson (also a student at JGS) got me interested in gymnastics again. I also really like to run—I’m part of the JGS running club with Coach JJ.


Q. What is your favorite part about JGS?

A. I like the “blue room” (rec room) and the teachers. I especially like to play with the giant blocks in the blue room. I think the JGS teachers are so nice. They help me with reading, math, and writing… My favorite teacher is Ms. Lauren. She is pretty and really nice, and she’s a good teacher. My favorite subjects are reading and writing. I also really like art with Ms. Wendy and cooking with Ms. Shawna.


Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. I want to be a teacher. You get to sit in a comfy chair! I like to teach numbers to my classmates. I want to teach younger kids… and big kids, too.

Annie is a fifth grader at Jones-Gordon School.



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