Annemarie is an Excellent Student in Addition to Serving Her Community

Annemarie is a wonderful young lady and an excellent student. This year, she and her classmates spearheaded the STA Halloween Candy Drive. In addition to the great work and involvement at school, Annemarie also serves her community. She raises money for charity with her lemonade stand, as well as contributes time to The Andre House and Maggie’s Thrift Store. She has a big heart and loves spreading joy by playing music at local nursing homes. Annemarie is the youngest of six children, loves spending time with family, babysitting and reading.

Q. Can you tell us about how your lemonade stand came about? What do you do for The Andre House?
A. My lemonade stand came about when I had two friends over to play and we wanted to do something fun. We wondered what we should do together and I suggested a lemonade stand to raise money for something. When it started we had customers right and left. It is something that when I have different friends over we do together, but you’ll see me out there alone too, trying to raise money to help the homeless. The Andre House serves the poor for dinner and I serve water and juice to the people. I enjoy doing this because I am able to interact with the people!

Q. What was the biggest adjustment when going from homeschool to STA?
A. Test taking and making so many friends so quickly.

Q. Can you tell us about playing your instruments at nursing homes?
A. When I am playing my instruments at nursing homes, I feel so joyful because all the people are smiling and I feel bursts of energy come through me. We play as a family and it’s always great being with my family to help the elderly especially those with Alzheimer’s. I play the piano, guitar and accordion, but I like the piano the best right now. The music is soothing to play and I’m always inspired to do better.

Q. What do you do during your volunteer time at Maggie’s Thrift Store?
A. My mom and I put ticketed items to their places, clean up the place and cut tags for the items. I enjoy being with the workers, along with the customers. We always pray together at the end.

Q. Who is your favorite athlete?
A. Serena Williams because I like how motivated she is when she is playing tennis. I like tennis as well.

Q. What is the best part about having five older siblings?
A. I am the youngest of the siblings and I like how they are encouraging and give me good advice every day.

Annemarie O’Gara is a sixth grader at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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