Anjali Moore is a Triple Threat Student

You just graduated from Madison Meadows, tell us about your speech you got to make at the graduation?

For my graduation ceremony from 8th grade at Madison Meadows I gave a speech about the future.

Tell our readers about your recent Spelling Bee competition?

When I was at the State Spelling Bee, I was extremely nervous and anxious. When I lost on the word “claimant”, I was really disappointed because I knew the word. Knowing the word, but still getting it wrong, made the loss worse.

You recently placed 2nd in an essay competition, tell us about what your topic was and what it means to you?

Yes, I did get 2nd in the statewide Anti-Defamation League essay competition about moral courage. I wrote about Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who issued thousands of visas to Lithuanian Jews to be sent to Japan during World War II. I also wrote about the duo of Rajan Hoole and Kopalasingham Sritharan, two Sri Lankan human rights activists and defenders who documented atrocities committed on both sides of the Sri Lankan Civil War. These are very important topics to me. The first being, that I am Sri Lankan and have many family members who were involved in or directly experienced the effects and impact of the war. I was very happy to have gotten second place.

Anjali is in the 9th grade at North High School



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