Q. What is the best part about being a member of your local pony club and how long have you been riding horses?

A. There really is not a best part because it is all very fun – the riding, my friends, jumping. My favorite pony to ride is Gabe. He is a good jumper.

Q. Do you ride horses competitively? If so how long have you been doing it and what made you interested in doing so?

A. I have been showing for the last three years, and just had a horse show in Flagstaff. I got a blue ribbon. My good friend Isabelle did as well, so it was a good show. My whole life I have gone to horse shows with my mom and sister, and that made me interested in showing.

Q. Do you have any horses or ponies and how old are they and what are their names?

A. I have four ponies that I ride regularly. The first is Rocky, who is 14 years old, Angel, who is 12-ish, Gabe, who is 17, and Hughey, who is 29. We don’t ride Hughey anymore, but we see him every day, and I am too big to ride Rocky now.

Q. Do you think veterinarians are important in this world and why?

A. Yes, because they help animals. Just a few weeks ago, a veterinarian helped my dog Boone when he broke his leg.

Q. What makes you want to be a veterinarian when you get older?

A. I love to help animals. I may want to be marine biologist, because I like ocean animals too.

Q. What types of food do your tortoises and African frogs eat and do you personally care for them both?

A. My tortoises like fruits and veggies, but they cannot have iceberg lettuce, or celery because it has too much water. Sometimes we give them veggies out of our garden. They actually hibernate half of the year. The frogs eat tadpole pellets, and they only eat twice a week. I feed the tortoises and my sister feeds the frogs.

Q. What kind of dogs do you have and what are their names?

A. We have two Aussies (Taz and Addie), and a half Aussie, half Border Collie (Boone). He was a rescue and is only 10 months old. He is the one who broke his leg. He is really bored with being in his crate and can’t wait and is going to be crazy when he gets out.

Q. Where did you get your love for animals? Do your sister and brother love animals too?

A. I got my love of animals from riding horses, and my sister and brother LOVE animals too.

Q. What position do you play in soccer and what is it like to play on the same team your father coaches?

A. I like to play forward, and sometimes I play goalie. It is fun to have my father coaching, but sometimes he only yells at me on the field.

Q. How long have you been playing the piano and who taught you how to play?

A. I have been playing piano for 4 years now, and my instructor is named Mitch Klapper. My favorite songs to play are Sleeping Beauty Waltz, Haunted Mouse and Coldplay. I am also learning drums and guitar. Sometimes we play 80’s music.

Kali is a 3rd grader at Christ Church School



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