Andrew Ekmark and the PCDS Basketball Team Shoot for Success

With the motto, “Defend, Rebound, and Run,” the Phoenix Country Day School Varsity Boys’ Basketball team, ranked second in Division Four, has reached new heights this season. They describe themselves as a fast­paced team with a strong offense, and all agree that they have improved. The secret to the team’s success, they believe, lies within a newfound tenacity and perseverance: they have reduced the number of turnovers, increased the number of steals from the other team, and realized how pivotal every possession is to winning the game.

Boasting a record of fifteen wins and only three losses, the team is anything but complacent; in fact, they are confident that they will only improve and work hard every practice to hone their skills. Three ­year starter Andrew Ekmark comments, “Our team has really grown up. We’ve been working harder than we’ve ever worked before, and that’s what will help us win the state championship this year.”

Andrew, a junior at PCDS and a captain of the team, leads the team in points, rebounds, and assists. Both he and his teammate Nihaal Reddy have reached the 1,000 ­point mark, a coveted and impressive goal for any basketball player. An avid player for as long as he can remember, Andrew looks forward to continuing his thriving basketball career in college and has already been contacted by many prestigious colleges, including Columbia University, Princeton University, and Davidson College.

As their season draws to a close and the state championship quickly approaches, the team plans on continuing to work hard to make every practice count. Capturing the spirit of his teammates, Andrew comments, “It’s been a great season because we push each other every day to be the best players that we can be. We’ve reached a lot of our goals, and I’m proud of our accomplishments. But I know that we can do better.”

Andrew is a junior at Phoenix Country Day School.



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