Alondra Talks Student Council at Saint John Vianney

Q. Tell us about your involvement with student council?

A. In Student Council my responsibility is to plan activities for the school, set up equipment for morning announcements, and to plan the technological portions student council events. 

Q. How long have you been involved with student council?

A. I was elected during elections last year, and started serving on the student council this year. It has been great with the rest of the student council members.

Q. What is your position with student council?

A. My position is Commissioner of Technology. I must say that that the most difficult part of my job was my elections speech.

Q. How long have you been playing basketball? Do you play for SJV? What position do you play?

A. I have been playing basketball for two years.  Yes, I played for SJV last year, and I am joining again this year. I can’t wait. My main specialty is defense.

Q. Tell us what it means to be an alter server?

A. It means that I am serving the Church and community. It means that I am being a great helper of God.

Q. How long have you attended Saint John Vianney?

A. I have attended St. John Vianney since kindergarten, so this is my 8th year.

Q. What do you aspire to be when you grow up?

A. I want to be a lawyer so that I can help families that are experiencing immigration issues.

Q. What else do you like to do for fun?

A. I like to play and hangout with my friends and talk about recent events.

Alondra Enriquez is currently a 7th grader at Saint John Vianney



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