Alhayla Nunez-Lozano Volunteers Her Time After School Every Week

Tell our readers about your choice to volunteer so many hours after school? I really enjoy helping and entertaining the younger kids at my school.
What types of things do you get to do with them? I get to plan activities that will keep the children engaged from 12:15- 5:30 every Friday. I also play a variety of different physical activities with them such as, basketball, pacman tag, and anything that makes you sweat.
You also play soccer, how long have you been playing? I played for one full season for an independent league and now I only play informally as a family event on Sundays. What position do you play? I do very well as a defender.
What do you think you want to be when you grow up? 
I want to be a Disney actress or a dolphin trainer. After our first trip to Sea World five years ago, I grew an interest to be part of the staff. I was fascinated by the idea of swimming with the dolphins, teaching them tricks and just being part of the Dolphin encounters shows.
What do you love most about attending Discover U? I enjoy being in a class with 5th/6th graders. I feel like I am being challenged with the 6th grade curriculum and I love having a small class. The teacher actually gives us individualized attention when they need it. Also, I feel the students of Discover U are friendly and nice.
Tell us about one of your teachers. Why do you like him/ her? This is a tough question for me, I narrowed it down to Ms. Langseth.  Ms. Langseth is a good and helpful teacher. I like that she keeps us active all the time and encourages all her students to try their best and will not let you just quit.

Alhayla is a 5th grader at Discover U



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