Alex Loves Learning at The Jones Gordon School

Alex is an extremely personable third grader in his first year at the Jones­-Gordon School. He gives the best high­-fives and hugs and makes everyone around him feel happy. He enjoys writing class and aspires to be either a fireman or builder ­ or both!

His teachers acknowledge how much enthusiasm Alex has for learning. He can always be counted on to participate in class and often will share his personal experiences when making connections to the lesson topics. His teachers describe him as a helpful and caring peer who is kind to everyone he encounters in our school community.

Q. I understand you are interested in swimming. Tell me more about that.

A. I like swimming because I can go from one end of my pool to the other. My favorite way to swim is going backwards. On our pool wall we have lion heads that shoot out water. They are awesome! They will push you if you are on a floatie. I also like soccer. I’m good at being a goalie.

Q. What are some other things you are good at?

A. I am good at building cars out of the big building blocks. I don’t ride the cars; I push other people on the cars, and I can go really fast. If I go fast enough, someone will go “Whoooosh!”

Q. What do you like best about JGS?

A. The indoor playground. Outdoors is too sweaty but indoors, you can cool down. I also like writing class. I like to write in my journal. I like the journal topics Ms. Holly has us write. My favorite was when she had us write about what we did over the weekend. I wrote about seeing the lighthouse in San Francisco.

Alex is a third grader at the Jones­-Gordon School.



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