Aiden Molony Two Time Award Winning Poet

Aiden Molony has had his prior writing published in Bazoof Magazine, Bear Essential News, on a few web blogs, and he is a two-time award-winning poet in the Creative Communications National Student-Writing Contest. He has written two children’s pictures books he is hoping to be illustrated and published one day. He loves to share his passions with others. He recently wrote a 200-word article as an aspiring writer/reporter. He was privileged to receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ping manufacturing plant and personally meet the granddaughter of Mr. Karsten Solheim. He has written an article explaining one of the new recycling initiatives they’d like to share with the community!

Ping Is Getting Greener
Did you know that Ping, one of the nation’s leading golf club manufacturers, doesn’t just love how green the golf course is…They want to see the whole Earth be greener! This is why they are recycling all of their latex rubber gloves used in the factory to be repurposed into new, functional items. A behind-the-scenes tour with the granddaughter of Mr. Karsten Solheim was a cool way to find out all the details.

When their golf clubs are being assembled, the factory team wears thin, blue rubber gloves to make sure the shiny metal clubs don’t get covered in fingerprints. Because there are three shifts a day of assembly workers, this means Ping goes through a lot of gloves! Now, they are collecting the gloves in a box to put on on a giant semi-truck. The boxes are sent to a processing plant which breaks them down into raw material. It looks like blue rabbit food pellets.

The pellets can be sent off to other companies who need the raw material to make useful household items like pots for plants, shelving components, packing and shipping material, and even some small pieces of furniture!

When Ping recycles, the rubber gloves don’t end up in a landfill and take 100 thousand years to break down. They are used in a positive way to help other businesses and the community. Ping take this very seriously and even expect their own suppliers to be environmentally friendly.

Want a behind the scenes tour too? You’re in luck. Ping offers regular factory tours for visitors. Just call ahead to make a reservation and get the details. This could be a perfect trip for homeschool groups and Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Call 602-687-5385 or 1-800-474-6434 to make a reservation.



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