Addyson Talks Gymnastics and her Love for Pigs

Addyson takes a focused, positive, and thoughtful approach to all that she does. Whether working on her long-term project for the JGS Talent Showcase, or assisting others in her classes, Addyson is a hard-worker who consistently puts forth her best effort. She is always happy to help anyone. Sometimes you will see her helping classmates, and other times she helps out a teacher with a project around JGS. Addyson is a kind, bright girl with a great sense of humor. She is quiet, but get to know her and her personality shines.

One interesting fact about Addyson is that she is an accomplished gymnast, often teaching her peers her skills during recess. Addyson loves reading fantasy stories, especially anything involving pigs!

Q. I know you enjoy gymnastics. Tell me more about that.

A. I’m really good at it; I’ve been doing it for five or six years. I attend the Phoenix Gymnastics Academy.

Q. What’s the hardest part? What’s your favorite part?

A. The hardest is definitely the beam because you have to balance while doing different tricks. My favorite is the bars because you can do a lot of tricks on it, and it is easier to stay on it.

Q. What else are you interested in?

A. I like art and drawing. I like to be creative.

Q. What is your favorite subject?

A. Math, no, reading. When you read a book, it can take you anywhere. I’m currently reading Narnia. I like the fawn she meets because once he meets Lucy, he becomes good.

Q. I understand you love pigs. Why pigs?

A. They’re really cute! Pink is my favorite color and pigs can be pink. I also like their little tails.

Q. What would you like to be when you grow up?

A. I want to open Pigizona. It’s like Bearizona, (the Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, AZ) only with pigs. You could drive through and get out and play with all the different pigs.

Addyson is a fourth grader at The Jones-Gordon School.



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