Addie Talks Being School Ambassador

Addie is an ambassador for The Odyssey Preparatory Academy (TOPA) for her 4th grade class. She is an excellent example of TOPA’s school core values and does a great job representing both at school and at home. 

She helps each day with the school announcements, pledge, and reciting the core values over the school intercom. She always sounds professional and treats this responsibility with care and seriousness.

Addie is a great classmate and student and deserves to be recognized as the caring, principled and knowledgeable scholar.

Q. You recently were selected as Ambassador for your fourth grade class. What responsibilities do you earn with this? How do you think you were selected?

A. Being an ambassador I have to set a good example for students. I have to say the pledge, core values and announcements with two other ambassadors. I think I was chosen because I follow rules in class ahd try to do my best work.

Q. You are in dance and gymnastics…Tell us about that?

A. I have taken dance through the city of Buckeye Recreation Center in the past and enjoy doing gymnastics at home with my younger sister. My sister was in gymnastics and has taught me a lot.

Q. You have recently taken up barrel racing what does that entail?

A. My grandpa had been attending barrel races for his horses and offered to let me learn on one of his this past summer. The horse I ride is named Custer.  I compete on Friday nights, there are three barrels that the horse and I have to go around and try to get the fastest time. I have earned several ribbons and a trophy. 

Q. How long have you attended The Odyssey Prep Academy? What is your favorite part of attending TOPA?

A. I have been at TOPA since kindergarten, and my favorite part is learning new things like the violin and Spanish. 

Q. When you are not doing those activities what else do you enjoy doing?

A. I mostly play games with my younger sister and like to read.

Q. If you had one super power what would it be?

A. Super speed, so I can help others super fast. 

Addie is a fourth grader at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy.



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