Adam Tuhy Loves the Outdoors and Making Others Laugh

Tell our readers about your Charlie Chaplin funny walk and how it came about.

I walk really fast, but not running and I look like the old actor Charlie Chaplin.  I like watching Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, and other old shows with my dad.  I started doing it and it made everyone laugh.

Where is your favorite place to go camping and why?

I like camping in the woods.  Clint’s Wells, AZ.  I like it because it is cold up there.

How old were you when you started hunting?

I started hunting at four or five.

Does anything about the woods scare you?

Yes.  The wind blowing in the tree tops at night scares me.

What’s your most memorable experience going camping and hunting?

I don’t know it has all been fun.

Is having 7 pets a big responsibility and out of the 7 which is your favorite?

Sometimes, but my mom helps me.  Rocky the bullador is my favorite.  He is an English bulldog and Labrador mix. A Bull-A-Dor.

Do you ever take any of your pets with you when you go camping or hunting?

Yes, we take the dogs and they like to chase squirrels.

What is your favorite video game to play with your brother and does he go camping and hunting with you?

I play Minecraft and Halo 3 with my brother.  He goes camping with us when he doesn’t have to work.  My sisters go sometimes too, but they don’t hunt.

How did you get interested in bow and arrows and quads?

My whole family does it.  So I do too.

How old were you when you rode your first quad and were you scared?

I was six when I road my first quad by myself.  I wasn’t scared at all.

Adam is a 3rd grader at Discover U



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