Adam Loves to Help with St. Augustine’s Refugee Ministry


Adam loves science and helps with St. Augustine’s refugee ministry. He enjoys swimming, reading and playing the piano. His favorite subjects are math and science. He is kind-hearted and loves to help out family and friends.

Q. Can you tell us about helping out with St. Augustine’s refugee ministry?
A. I helped create gift tags for each person, collected the gifts and put them together by family. Then finally, right before Christmas, we put the presents in the car and drive out to deliver the presents to the families. I like delivering the presents the best.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about your first year at Christ Church School?
A. Meeting new friends and the attention that I get from my teachers.

Q. What has been your favorite science lesson so far?
A. I have to say, the last one, where we build birds out of clay. I like wondering about things and doing experiments.

Q. Can you tell us about your role as a big brother? 
A. Seeing Scarlet grow, learning to talk and walk. I have to keep her away from my toys so she won’t choke on them, sometimes I have to check on her for my mom and Eric to see if she’s sleeping, and I like to make her laugh.

Q. Do you have a favorite book?
A. I like the Wings of Fire books best and like that the school library has them all.

Q. During family time, what activities do you enjoy most?
A. I enjoy watching movies with my family, especially when we go to the drive-in.

Adam Swinney is a second grader at Christ Church School.



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