Academics and Performing Arts All-In-One

Spotlight INC a new Performing Arts After-school program that will be hosted in Power Ranch Community Center in Gilbert Arizona. Cheri Wasiel and Stephanie Fricker found Spotlight INC.

Ms. Fricker has been teaching performing Arts all over the country for over 10 years. She has also been studying dance and theatre since the age of three. She always strives for the best in her students.

Ms. Waisel heads the reading and tutoring program at Spotlight INC. Cheri has extensive experience in behavioral studies, leadership, curriculum, and common core. Here are what some students at Spotlight INC. had to say:

Skylar Bracht:

Tell us about one of your teachers? Ms. Stephanie is very fun and loves everything about performing arts. She makes it fun to be there every week.

How do you feel performing arts are educational? I think that performing arts is educational because it gets you to engage in activities and participate, even if you’re not totally comfortable at first. These things are important factors for when you’re older so it’s good to learn them by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Tori Panetta:

What do you like best about Spotlight INC?  I love how everything we come up with is original! All of are dances are so unique!

What are some activities that you do at Spotlight INC?  We dance, sing, and act.  We did a lot of acting exercises.

Tell us about one of your teachers? Ms. Stephanie is very nice and really creative! Her dances that she comes up with are awesome!


Tori and Skylar are both freshman




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