Abby Shines Musically at her School

Abby is an excellent student! She is involved in drum line, Rock band, Chamber Ensemble, Ukulele group, as well as her schools fall play. For the rest of the year she plans on being in the musical at school and on the softball team.

Q. You are very musically inclined tell us about that?

A. I have always loved music, so what better way to enjoy it than to actually make it. I started in 4th grade playing cello for three years. In 8th grade I decided to start playing the electric bass and have been playing ever since. I’ve been playing the ukulele as well for almost two years. When I first started drumline I played the cymbals for a year and have been playing the snare drum for the last three years. My favorite instrument would definitely be the snare drum.

Q. What else do you participate in at school?

A. Other than drumline, I participate in the Fall Play, Rock Band, the Musical, Chamber Ensemble, The Ukulele Group, and softball. I enjoy taking advantage of all the activities I can participate in that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to participate in at another school.

Q. With all that you do you still manage to keep up great grades. How do you do it all? What would be some advice to younger kids at JMPS to do well in school like you? 

A. It’s pretty easy to keep my grades up. I pay attention when the teacher is talking, I ask questions and I do the work that is assigned to me without talking in class. My advice would be to just get the work done and take advantage of class time and study hall to finish homework. It is a lot more fun to go home and do something fun than to stay up until midnight finishing homework and regretting it in the morning when you’re tired.

Q. When you actually have some free time what do you like to do for fun? 

A. I enjoy hanging out with close friends, reading and of course I love doing anything crafty; whether it’s painting, constructing clay creatures, or simply putting glitter everywhere. 

Abby is a sophomore at James Madison Preparatory School.



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