Discover U Seventh Grader, SASCHA, Collects Cans to Raise Money For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Sascha has a big heart and cares about everyone. Her favorite person is her little sister, Annabelle who is two. What she enjoys about Discover U is the supportive environment that encourages her to learn and grow. Sascha loves the “Harry Potter” series and wants to be a teacher, scientist or singer/ actress when she grows up.

Q. How did you help with Hurricane Harvey?

A. For our school fundraiser I brought in cans from my mom’s house and from my dad’s house. I also told my classmates that we should bring in cans to help people. I wanted to help because I thought, what if I was out there. What if I had nothing to eat? I would want people to help me. Hurricane Harvey affected a lot of people, including one of my mom’s friend’s neighbors whose house was affected.

Q. What is the best part of you?

A. The best part of me is that I am helpful and kind.

Q. How are you helpful and kind?

A. In class, I help explain the materials to my classmates. I usually can help people feel better when they are sad or crying. I recently helped a kindergartener who was sad about leaving their parents. I also know how to talk to people. One of my friends is going through hard times, and I always tell them that it is going to be “okay, you are going to have a good rest of your day.” Then, I give her advice to help her out. It helps to have someone there to help you.

Another way I like helping young kids is by making songs to learn. One of main parts about me is I like to sing. I go to a theater where we put on one play in the summer and one play in the fall. We sing a bunch of songs like, “Ease on Down the Road”.

Sascha Lewis is a fourth grader at Discover U.



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